This conversation actually happened on Thanksgiving.  No, not two days ago, I mean the REAL Thanksgiving; the one that happens in October.  You Americans out there refer to it as “Columbus Day.”  Anyway, Bill is my cousin, though we were more like brothers, growing up.  Caleb, his clone – er, son – is very much a redhead and, as it happens, far too much like his father for his own good (pity his mother).  He’s also really good with the girls and keeps them entertained during family gatherings.  Kia really likes him, but she’s horrible with names (gets that from me, I’m afraid), so frequently just calls him “boy.”  Good thing that Bill is willing to give helpful reminders, eh?

Stacy’s wearing her Celtic Tree of Life knotwork shirt, Kia’s wearing her Batgirl shirt, and Caleb’s dressed a lot better than is typical for him.  It’s a dressier deviation, but he’s doing a guest appearance here, so I’ll grant him some leeway for being a little more stylish.