Not that I’m arguing my mother’s weirdness, ‘cause that’s a pretty well-known fact, but I’m still blaming Stacy for corrupting our daughter.  On another note (he typed with a smirk), Kia’s rather fond of singing.  She’ll sing songs (more or less) from shows that she likes or sometimes just make it up as she goes.  Of course, she often likes to just sing about whatever she’s doing, which is why I get conversations like this.

Speaking of weird, I’m wearing my Weird Al shirt, not that you can see him, while Stacy’s going all sparkly and purple, which is pretty typical for her, just more sparkly than usual.  Kia’s got one of her Frozen shirts, this one featuring Anna and Olaf and claims “Always up for adventure!”  That seems pretty accurate, actually.  Last, but certainly not least, Arwyn’s got a cute little Oshkosh denim dress.  You may also have noticed that she’s sporting tiny, little pigtails, which will sometimes actually stay in her hair for more than an hour before she pulls them out!