Part two of lessons on the animal kingdom with Kia.  The Kratt Brothers, for those that don’t know, have two shows, both of which Kia loves.  One is a partly live-action with lots of animals and the other is animated, wherein they get animal-based superpowers (both the girls got play costumes for that one for Christmas, which has led to Kia hopping around with “kangaroo powers”).  Anyways, she can fit these random factoids, observations, and off-hand comments from the shows into ANY conversation, so they do pop up a lot.  For reference, she does know what a crawfish is… sort of.  She’s seen pictures, though I doubt that she really knows much about them.  Of course, she could prove me wrong any day by telling me some weird trait or habit of theirs that will come out of nowhere, so who really knows?

Stacy’s wearing one of her faerie shirts from Mountain, while both the girls are rocking it Disney style.  Kia’s got the Anna-influenced outfit (from Frozen, naturally), while Arwyn’s going with a Rapunzel style.