Seriously, she got me right in the xiphoid process; talk about a shot in the dark!  Obviously, I never saw it coming, which led to me laying on the stairs – both in pain and laughing – while simultaneously worried that she’d hurt me and wanted to do it again.  She’s got a remarkably good punch, and I think she aims better blind (I’m just glad she didn’t aim lower).  Honestly, though, I didn’t plan to scare her, it just… blurted out.  At least she knows that I’m being straight about that; she’s well acquainted with the disconnect between my brain and mouth.  ;P  And, yes, I still think it’s funny, sore spot aside.

My shirt says “To err is human… to blame someone else shows good management skills.”  I’m not full-on management, so I can stand by that.  I’ve never been good at throwing blame.  Stacy’s wearing her Hairy Otter shirt while she casts a magical spell called Painfulius Chestius.