I’m not sure what prompted the sudden outburst of yippee-ki-yos, but I couldn’t help thinking of Bruce Willis’ famous line from Die Hard, which involves profanity I’m trying very hard to avoid in front of my little parrot.  Easier said than done – so to speak ;P – but doing the best I can with it.

My shirt has a dragon ringed by Celtic knotwork, which I bought from http://shop.webomator.com/celtic-art-works/ along with a couple other knotwork shirts that we own.  Stacy’s keeping it casual, yet stylish, in her purple sweater, and Kia’s wearing a pink dress that has butterflies along the hem, hiding from view here.  She’s also wearing the stethoscope from her doctor toys, which she absolutely loves; even more so now that she’s on a Doc McStuffin kick.