Yes, I got hit for that… but SO worth it!  Anyway, this sort of circular logic is a specialty of Kia’s, and it could easily continue for hours if I kept asking.  I still have no idea why she takes such issue with the vent being open, but it’s been a recurring thing with her.  Personally, I’m betting it’s because she’s weird.  Also, because she’s her mother’s daughter.

My shirt is covered with pictures of an ancient technology of our forefathers known as “cassette tapes.”  Why?  Well, why not?  Kia’s got on one of her Frozen shirts that she got for her birthday, this one featuring Elsa and Anna together.  And, for the record, I’ve only seen the movie once.  I enjoyed it, but we’ve got a lot of movies to watch, so no need to watch the same one twice.  Jealous?  ;)