Kia takes after her mother when it comes to love of pizza; they’d both be happy to eat it every day… or at least every other day.  I like pizza now and then, but these two are pizza fiends!  As in demonic fiends!  With demonic, fiendish voices, calling out for your SOUL!  … Or maybe just for more pizza.  Either way, I’m a-feared.

My shirt bears the Imperial logo and was recently added to my collection by way of!  No, I’m not telling you which Empire it belongs to; if you don’t know, then I’ll Force-choke you!  Or I’ll have my daughter talk demonically at you.  MWAHAHA!  Anyway, Stacy’s wearing one of her beloved purple plaid button-ups and Kia’s sporting a tie-dye shirt with a denim mini-dress – and both striking the same pose, as it happens.