Kia loves the cheese and pretzel Combos (as do I), so I think she expecting something more like that.  Regardless, the sound of disappointed disgust in her voice was definitely worth a laugh.  Typically, it’s the other way around, where she’s refusing to taste something because she “doesn’t like it” when she’s never had it before.  Then she’ll touch it to the tip of her tongue before declaring that it tastes bad, then we force her to take an actual bite and… wow, it tastes great!  *facepalm*  I freely admit that I’m a picky eater, but I’ll at least try stuff before rejecting it.

I’m sporting an Imperial logo on my shirt, while Kia’s got Elsa and Anna on her dress (mostly upside down, as it happens, but hey).  Stacy’s taking the boring route and looking all respectable and stuff in shiny blue over not-so-shiny black.