My girls are already turning four and two, respectively.  I already feel old; what am I going to feel like when they’re graduating school and stuff?  Oi.  Regardless, I can say with certainty that it doesn’t take long for a kid’s personality to shine through.  Both my girls are very sweet and frequently silly, but where Kia is very verbal and wears her heart on her sleeve, Arwyn is more physical and ornery (she’s an angry elf).  I have a feeling that this is simply who they are, and it’s not likely to deviate any time soon.

I’m wearing my yin-yang dragons (what little you can see of it), while Stacy’s got her yin-yang cats.  We’ve got yin-yangs up the yin-yang.  A whole lotta yin-yanging going on.  Anyway, Kia’s the classic Avengers (from Marvel comics) line-up on her shirt, with the #Heroes thing at the bottom (and, yes, she knows who they are… she’s got Marvel bedtime stories ;) ), while Arwyn has Minnie Mouse (whom she simply calls “MOWZ!” and absolutely loves).  So, basically, they’re doing the Disney thing again.