Sometimes Arwyn starts wailing – not like crying or being upset, just making a lot of noise, very loudly – and we refer to it as “singing the songs of her people.”  Which people is that, exactly?  Well, that’s her little secret.  Regardless, despite the volume of it, it’s usually kind of cute when she does it.  In one instance, however, Kia disagreed.  She’s done similar in the past, telling Stacy and I to be quiet because she’s trying to sleep or on the phone (toy phone, of course).  It’s generally difficult to acquiesce to her request because laughing counts as talking.  For Arwyn, well, you can’t stop the song!

My shirt says “Only dumb people read this shirt.”  It’s written upside down, which might not stop some of you, but fortunately for you all, Arwyn is hiding most of the message behind her little, red Oshkosh overalls.  Stacy’s wearing a Celtic Tree of Life design that’s pretty damned snazzy, if I do say so myself.  Kia’s wearing her pajamas, probably.  Don’t ask me, I can’t see her either!