It never occurred to me, until Kia was getting potty trained, that I’d be having to wipe their backsides even after the diaper phase.  I mean, logically speaking, it makes sense, but that still didn’t make it any less disappointing to know that I was still a long way from escaping that duty.  Now that Kia’s finally reached the point at which she’s able to wipe her own (except when she’s passing-out level of tired), I’m still dealing with Arwyn… probably for a couple more years.  *sigh*

I’m wearing my new Megabots shirt, showing the evolution of weaponry, and acquired when I helped Kickstart the world’s first mech combat battle (the money was to upgrade to competition level – see for all the awesome details!).  Stacy’s wearing a shirt from Sandara ( of DOTA fanart, title Nature’s Prophet.