Truly one of the most disturbing things that I’ve seen my daughters do.  I think that the worst part was how ecstatic she looked, as she was very pleased with herself.  Stacy wasn’t helping any, since she thought it was adorable and was giggling away, encouraging.  Hell, she’s actually tried getting Arwyn to do it a couple of times since then.  Oi.

If you’re wondering what the weird head-crab-like thing on my shirt is, it’s Deadpool hanging upside down.  You can’t really see his head, but you can see his crotch, so I’m pretty sure that Deadpool would approve.  You also can’t see that he’s shouting “TACOS?!”  I’m not sure why that’s a question, but again, it’s Deadpool.  Anyway, Stacy’s rocking the New Hope Star Wars print on her shirt, and Arwyn has a couple of owls that are talking in the language of love (ie. hearts).