Stacy just can’t catch a break from Kia, but is it my fault that she’s daddy’s girl?  ;)  Well, according to Stacy, yes, but I’m referring to people that use logic.  ;P  Actually, she did reverse field on one occasion, recently, and thanked Stacy for something that I did, but I’m still way ahead in the kudos department.  Anyway, the wand is a glowstick thing that Stacy bought.  Only good for about a day before the glow is dead, but Kia doesn’t care.  A wand is a wand, right?

I’m wearing my knotwork chaos star which, unfortunately, has faded quite a bit since the pic was taken.  I wear it a lot.  ;)   Still pretty awesome design, though, which can be bought from the website Kia is wearing a lavender shirt featuring a figure skating girl and Arwyn is wearing a fantastically awesome Transformers onesie featuring Jazz, Bumblebee, and Optimus Prime!  It’s designed so that Prime’s shoulders line up with the collar, meaning Arwyn’s head is on Optimus’ body.  How cool is that?  Well, to make it even cooler, Kia can actually name Prime and Bumblebee on sight!  We’ve been watching the G1 cartoons during exercise time.  :D