Truth be told, this just makes our tree as unbalanced as the people who put it up, but hey.  ;P  Kia’s exuberance at helping to decorate was matched only by her dedication to that branch.  Actually, there was about four spots she kept trying to cluster everything and we kept having to suggest that she put them elsewhere.  Sometimes she complied without question, other times we got the “it’s okay, daddy, it can go here.”  ;)

I’m wearing a Darth Santa sweater with tie fighters and AT-ATs decorating it and yes, it IS awesome!  Stacy got it for me from – where geekery is a way of life.  Kia’s got a Christmas tree on her shirt, while Arwyn’s sporting a nice, Christmassy dress of her own.  Stacy, meanwhile, is trying to offset all the red with a bit of green, but I think we’ve got her outnumbered.