Hey, give her props for having a pretty accurate understanding of what poop is… and for having an amazing way with words.  She also likes to whisper her need to go potty, followed by a shout when we can’t understand her.  Usually, we start asking her because her body language is screaming “gotta go!” even while she tries to do other things that could easily wait until afterward.  Also, she really does get dramatic about the whole thing.  Apparently, going to the potty is a pretty epic quest.

I’m wearing my Star Wars/300 mash-up shirt with Ewoks in red capes pushing stormtroopers off of a cliff.  It says “This.  Is.  ENDOR!”  Vicious little teddy-bears.  Kia’s shirt provides instructions on “How to be Batman” which apparently mostly involves learning how to fight, throw, jump, and swing.  Get those down and you’re practically a Dark Knight yourself!