Yes, we like to leave presents for grandma, but it’s okay – she likes to leave presents for us, too.  The game of Russian roulette has evolved to a game of “hand grenade.”  Pull the pin by feeding Arwyn and see whose house she assplodes in.  ;P  Also, Arwyn’s butt makes scarier noises than Kia’s ever did.

My shirt declares “I’m out of bed and dressed.  What more do you want?”  In the two-and-a-half years since Kia was born, I’ve truly learned to appreciate the legitimacy of that question.  Some days it’s really all I can do to stumble out of bed and make sure that I’m properly dressed before I’m off to work.  ;P  Stacy is wearing – dun dun DUN! – a purple plaid shirt.  Shocking, I know.  ;)