My father-in-law has a ’66 Ford Fairlane, a car for which “stealth mode” is closing up the headers so that you can only hear its rumbling from two blocks away, rather than five.  For those of you who aren’t really into classic cars, the further away you can hear it, the better the engine, so this is a good thing.  Kia, by the way, absolutely loves “grandpa’s racecar” and loves riding in it whenever she gets the chance (wearing hearing protection, of course).  What can I say, it’s in the blood.

I’m wearing my Pacman “nom nom nom” shirt, while Stacy’s got her Celtic knotwork Tree of Life.  I think Pacman should run for POTUS.  In fact, I NOMinate him.  :D   … What?  Don’t look at me like that; someone had to say it, why not me?