At some point in their lives, each of my daughters will likely read one of these comics and be horrified that I put it out there on the web for the amusement of others… this is probably one of them.  ;P  We really are proud of her for how good a job she’s done with the potty business, though; she’s reliable for telling us when she needs to go and good at holding it until we can get her there (even when we’ve been at a playground or store).  Her biggest problems is her desire to bring toys with her, and when we tell her to go and she freaks out about it.  It’s that whole obstinance thing.  She’ll cry and say she doesn’t need to go, but as soon as you distract her from pitching a fit, she’ll do her business.   Ah, kids… my mom’s sure lucky that my brother and I were so mellow and well-behaved!

I’m wearing my Robotech shirt, which has an awesome scene from the show on the back of it (just going to have to trust me on that one) and Stacy’s wearing her green ensemble, accessorized with her baby-in-pink-sleepers.  Arwyn is the aforementioned baby with the pink sleepers with Dalmatian puppies on it, and is trying very hard to help me type this (more accurately defined as NOT HELPING).  ;P  Kia is hiding somewhere behind us, while her future self wishes she could do the same after reading this.